Project consists of a two-story, single-family dwelling, a two-story guest house with basement, a repurposed concrete deck with raised, infinity edge pool and a terraced, vegetable garden all upon a hillside lot descending from Chalon Road.  The finished structures are designed with minimalism and classical modernism in mind - striving for clean lines, a limited material palette and an absence of unnecessary ornament.  The buildings are to be primarily constructed of steel, stone and wood with a large quantity of floor to ceiling, jumbo-sized glass.  Adjacent to the front entry is a cantilevered, glass-enclosed stairway surrounding a single tree.  This glass projection acts as the focal point of the front facade.  The house also features a Tatami Room encapsulated by sculpted, wood slats which act as the centerpiece on the South side of the house.  The ground floor is planned with minimal walls, minimal columns and maximum ceiling height contributing to expansive spaces which are visually unobstructed from one room to the next.  The second floor features two unique elements, a rotating and horizontally traversing louvers and a kid's bedroom suite with operable walls between enabling four bedrooms to become one.
Beyond specialty design elements, there are a few other noteworthy aspects to this project.  A unique feature of this hillside lot is the large, existing concrete deck offering a flat, usable backyard on a fairly steep site.  The guest house also reuses a basement and foundation system of a demolished structure.  The new, attached garage is buried into the hillside located beneath the descending driveway with a built-up, graded slope above.