The Services


A&G Construction is a highly experience general contractor providing a broad range of construction services that lean toward delivery of services using the new trends and technologies to ensure best-in-class results. From ground-up construction to innovative renovations, we work with you to match our services with your objectives.

Feasibility Studies
First things first, we need to determine the feasibility of the project. We look at the soil conditions, code restrictions, the existing structure, if it is a remodel. We review the architectural plans and review your overall design goals.
Cost Estimating & Value Engineering
A&G provides schematics, design development and construction documents level estimates with detailed schedule of trades in CSI code to ensure full transparency. We also provide the sub-contractor bids of all of our hard bid submissions.
Logistics & Project Phasing
A&G will develop a site logistics plan for each our projects. This will be developed and changed overtime to handle the various phases of construction and ‘just in time delivery’.
SubContractor Qualification
Qualification of Sub-contractors is key to the success of any project. Any interview all new subs and test them with mock-ups, insurance and quality control measures prior to starting work. Our existing subs are all checked for insurance on a regular basis and assigned to projects based on availability and track record on the trade work being performed.
Budget & Schedule Management
A&G develop the schedule for construction to incorporate all contract negotiation’s, Buyout timeline, Submittals and Shop Drawings issuance and lead-times for material procurement. Construction activities are detailed in gantt chart format with the critical path shown and issued on a monthly basis to the client. We also track daily logs for site activities and issue a three week look ahead at each project meeting. Whether dealing with a GMP, fixed price or Cost Plus contract, A&G are meticulous in development of the budget from the ground up. We use customized estimating software to ensure costs received from sub-contractors are inline with anticipated rates.
Material Purchasing & Coordination
We have developed a procurement program to work closely with our clients on direct procurement of owner direct items like plumbing fixtures, lighting, & appliances. We work closely with our subs to manage there procurement and purchasing so that all long lead items are delivered in accordance with the schedule requirements.
Quality Control
A&G’s Owners and Senior Project Managers / Superintendents perform daily inspections of the work onsite. We correct quality issues before mean things need to be ripped out. We also hire waterproofing consultants to direct to our key projects and ensure our clients are protected.
LEED & CalGreen Management
A&G are always environmentally conscious and direct our clients to have the same mentality. We reuse what we can and ensure our waste is correctly disposed. We support LEED accredited projects and strive to limit our carbon omissions.
Punch List & Building Systems Training
A&G produce pre-punch and final punch lists throughout the project. Pictures are attached to show the issues and the client receives a report showing how and when things will be corrected which don’t meet our standards. A&G also provide an electronic and hard copy of the owners operating manual at the end of each project giving them a roadmap for all equipment and systems included in there project.
Safety Management
A&G have a detailed safety management program inplace with spot checks performed at each of our sites regularly. A&G Ensure all staff & visitors wear protective equipment while onsite and maintain a 100% clean record of injuries.

Project Management.

A&G provides Project Management and Owner's Representation for a variety of private and public sector clients including high-end Residential to Multi-family & Mixed Use Development, Retail & Restaurant, as well as Commercial Offices.

Constructability/Plan Review
The success of every construction project depends on the quality of the design documents.  If the documents are incomplete, the accuracy of bids will suffer.  We review the design documents, identify any deficiencies, and rectify them.  This review saves countless dollars in subsequent change orders, preventing disruptions to the budget, and ultimately lowering the bottom line.
Budget Development & Analysis
Of the three parts of a project, the budget is the most important.  Using our hands-on experience and sharp cost-mitigation experience, we develop a budget that is customized, designed to be buildable. In addition, we ensure the budget is built to be easily managed, while at the same time extracting the maximum usage out of every dollar spent.  We closely evaluate every item of the project and detect any deficiencies that are not cost-effective.
Minutes & Action Tracking & Follow-up
A&G provides detailed Action trackers and minutes from every meeting or discussion held. We also use Basecamp to facilitate online tracking of all the issues at hand.
At first glance, estimating appears to be analogous with budgeting.  However, estimating serves a distinctly separate purpose.  In budgeting, you evaluate the maximum capital you want to devote to a project.  In estimating, actual costs are applied to a set of construction documents.  We can provide detailed, real-world estimates for virtually any construction application.  This assists with awards with bids, as well as change order mitigation.  As estimating is directly tied to the project’s budget, a precise estimation cannot be disparaged.
Bid Management
Managing the bid process is a momentous step in the timeline of any project.  The success or failure of a project can often rest upon contractor selection and ensuring the entire scope of the design documents is covered.  In addition, all public bids must be held in the most strict accordance of the law.  As the bid process is much more dynamic that just taking the low bid, our services at this stage are encouraged.
Contract Development and Review
As a contract is the document that legally binds multiple stakeholders of a construction project, it is not something to take lightly.  Precautions must be taken to protect the signing parties interests, and ensure they don’t start the project at a dis-advantage.  At The Rev Group, we enable negotiating skills and excellent document knowledge to form a contract which gives our client the edge.
Procurement and Logistics
Schedule delays can often be attributed to building materials which do not arrive on the job site when needed.  Some of the materials needed to begin a task must be ordered months ahead of time and be scheduled to arrive on the job site at the perfect moment.  The Rev Group oversees the procurement process, to mitigate any schedule clays related to materials.  This process in an integral part of our scheduling program, and must be implemented in conjunction.
Design Team Selection
Design team selection is equally as important as contractor selection.  The quality of your design team selection will directly reflect the quality of the design documents.  Involving us before the design team is selected allows us to give our recommendation on the personnel which will communicate your vision through plans.  Efficient design documents will helot to nullify extra costs associated with design deficiencies.
Commissioning Oversight
Initializing the building’s systems (HVAC, electrical, plumbing, security, etc) is an important milestone in the construction project.  However, to receive the manufacturer’s standard warranties, certain steps must be followed.  During this important phase, we closely monitor the commissioning agent’s actions, and make certain that all details are closely followed to reeve a functional building, with the warranties intact.
Quality Assurance/Quality Control
Normally referred to as “AQ/QC”, quality assurance and control is a requisite of any project.  If work is not installed per the construction documents, or if the work is not at acceptable standards, swift action must be taken to remedy the problem.  The Rev Group can manage the QA/QC process to avoid continuing with costly building mistakes.  This helps to mitigate any future issues with the building, as well as schedule delays.
Contract Administration
It is important to ensure that ll stakeholders of the construction project are living up to their expectations set before its start.  This service typically encompasses the entire construction timeline, as we diligently monitor and enforce contractual requirements.  Ensuring total invested capital is equal to the value of the project is a fundamental expectation.
Change Order Management
Ultimately, almost all projects will have change orders.  A change order is when a contract must perform work at an extra cost on the project which was not expected.  During pre-construction, The Rev Group advises on a contingency for these change orders, which is a line item in the budget. During construction, we studiously analyze each change order for more cost effective alternates, as well as ensure each of the costs are founded and honest.
Payapp & Invoicing Review
Only paying for good you have received, or work that has been completed, seems like a basic concept in construction.  However, often payment requested is not equal to the current equity of the project.  Maintaining the balance between work completed and capital dispersed ins integral in the financial health of your project, as it leaves you with the least amount of risk possible.  We review every payment application, ensuring you are only paying for work which is equal to the equity of the building.
Financial Forecasting
Having a clearer view of the possible financial risks to the project ahead of time can be very advantageous to all stakeholders involved.  If a risk can be identified early enough, it’s effects can be minimized and possibly nullified.  We use our decades of experience and perceptive management practices to identify theses risks ahead of time, allowing theme to be addressed before they become a risk to the project.
Closing out a construction project is a daunting task.  Operation and maintenance manuals (O & M’s) must be collected, punch lists finalized and contracts must be closed out.  The Rev Group can guide you every step of the way through this process.  We collect and review O & M’s, and closely monitor the punch list operation.  Equally as important, we perform contract close-out functions, such as warranty work, ensuring the closet-out documents are in order, and authorizing release of retention.